Rear Suspension Rebuild Complete


Dave and I worked really hard on developing some parts for the rear subframe assembly of the FC RX-7′s. Stabilizer bars, front differential mounts, upper diff mounts, DTSS eliminators, rear control arm bushings, camber bar, and soon camber adjusters for the rear control arms.


Everything is installed and ready to mount up. A few last clearance issues de-bugged.


Our control arm links and camber bar are made out of aerospace-grade aluminum 7075 T651.


Diff mount is made from 6061 T6 and UHMW. What is amazing about UHMW is it has near indestructable tension properties and is self-healing!


The rear trailing arm layout of the FC isn’t the best imaginable, but has been made to work very well on a few select cars.


Ready to mount up into the car.


Pettit Trak-Pro Race spec coilovers. 12kg/mm springs in the rear, 15kg/mm in the front.


Car is shinier underneath than on top! Not sure how long it will stay that way once it’s running.


It’s a tight fit but the diff mount is in there. You can see the UHMW upper diff mounts as well.


JDM T2 diff and T2 driveshafts. Floating discs at the rear, aluminum lug nuts and ARP studs.


You can see how much more room there is here versus the stock FC for some underbody aero.


Good shot of the adjustable camber bar. At this point with solid mounts, the camber bar adjustment is really just to take up any slack, as there isn’t enough compliance to adjust camber this way.


Replaced the loud pedal with something a bit grippier, and with a bit more room for my size 13′s to heel and toe.

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