FC RX-7 Time Attack/ST build progress – March 2012

With the wheels on it is finally starting to feel like a real car! Still completely in love with multi-piece BBS RS wheels. 20lbs at 17″x11.5″!

One of the finished diff mount bushings, however the cross slide on my lathe wasn`t tight enough so the finish isn`t as good as I`d like.

Diff cleaned up, and painted with some high-temp black, looks a little nicer than the cast grey steel with surface rust.

Bushings slot right in nicely. Will make the diff move around less under torque.

The diff is actually out of a JDM RX-7 TII and has the 4.10 rear ratio and the clutch pack type limited slip differential.

With that done I started the re-assembly of the rear suspension and drivetrain.

Can`t wait to get it back in the car!

I also picked up a TII driveshaft that was custom made out of aluminum. Only shaves off 4-5lbs at the most, but when that weight is rotating weight, every bit helps.

- Carl

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