CNC Build/Conversion Part I

I bought this 3 in 1 a few years ago on sale from Grizzly, $1500 iirc, and taught myself the basics of machining and turning. Since then read a lot of books on the subject and lurked here a fair bit.

My background is on the 3D/CAD side of things. I started working in AutoCAD and Rhino (when it was just a free beta), and moved onto media graphics and have done that professionally for a long time now.

Suffice it to say, the digital side is my strong point, machine side, have plenty of learning to do.

To start, I needed to get a better adjustment on the saddle gibs so I made some new stainless bolts with nubs on the end. These seem to work really well as they are a much tighter fit than the stock ones, and much easier to adjust with the larger allen key.


Also purchased 2 – 3ph 1.5hp 3500rpm motors from AutomationDirect. This is the flange I designed and had waterjet for the mill motor mount:


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