CNC Build/Conversion Part IV


I made this bracket up to attach the X-axis, but will most likely be temporary. I will machine a newer beefier item once the machine is fully up and running. I’m sure this would be ok but will flex under too much strain.


A shot of it all together.


So onto the electronics. I ended up buying a UC100 USB/Parallel converted and so far it’s been pretty great. I realized the laptop I bought had a locked BIOS with no way of unlocking it without the password.


I have the Gecko G540 with the UC100 installed, and I am able to control both X and Y axis with jogging. Re-used the E-Stop switch that the machine came with as well.


I have some limit/home switches I need to wire up but not sure exactly how they need to function, I know how to wire them no problem though.

I am having trouble with my Mach3 to VFD communication though. Basically, I can run both motors from the Hitachi WJ200′s control panels, but when I switch to analog input, I don’t seem to be properly sending a signal from Mach3. I can’t figure out if its an issue with Mach3 setup, or with the UC100 ports and pins.


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