CNC Build/Conversion Part III


Also not shown, I replaced all of the bearings in the spindle with higher quality sealed bearings and rebuilt it all with new grease. Will spin much smoother. I also turned the stock pullies down a bit on the lathe before I disassembled it, which will help with balance. Once the CNC is dialed in I will probably just CNC new aluminum ones for even smoother operation.


Figuring out the Y axis motor mounting. Since my mill is this, I can’t use it, so am doing all the bracketry with a portaband and my bench-top drill press, so excuse the unpretty bits.


Getting the wiring figured out for the control box. I am using the forward/reverse switch to swap between controlling the lathe motor or the mill motor.


The base plate for the X-axis. Basically copied FannBlade here, threaded the remaining holes that were already there on the bed and countersunk everything best I could on the drill press.


Everything mounted up for the X, pretty happy with how it all turned out. Fits nicely with maximum amount of space on the X.


Have it all mounted up now.


I managed to mount my Y ball nut in this handy location in the stock parts. Drilled and tapped 4 holes but managed to break a shitty tap in one of them, but 3 12.9 socket screws will be plenty strong enough. I had to tap out the stock bronze bushing to get the Keling ballscrew to fit through.


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