CNC Build/Conversion Part II

The flange for the lathe mount, will be welded up to the stock mounting plate from the mill.


And the mill motor mount attached. Love how accurate waterjet is even at 5/8″ thick. Was a perfect press fit around the flange of the motor itself.


Motor mounted up on the machine.


Picked up a generic enclosure for all the CNC controls. These VFD’s are Hitachi, and I got lucky as the ones I ordered were back-ordered, they upgraded me with these.


Ordered my steppers and driver/power supply from Automation Technologies. Pretty happy with them, although I accidentally ordered the wrong ball screw support blocks, and they didn’t catch it when packing up my order and still sent me the wrong ones. My fault but still sort of bummed. I just picked up new ball bearings for it anyways.


Also designed this flange to clamp over the end of the mill spindle. Had these waterjet as well at a local place. Now, you’ll notice I have a few design problems with this axis.


I mounted the ball nut to the flange itself. Which would work, leaving that end free, however, I would most likely run into a lot of clearance issues.


Took the other 2 axis apart to figure out how to mount the other ball screws. Making some decent progress here too. I think I’ve got these figured out. Just got my couplers in the mail today so hopefully these will get done this weekend.

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